Do you need an Israeli Accountant with a  worldwide perspective ?
Someone who can explain  financial data and help you with the documentation for the Israeli Tax Authorities.

Gil Buchwiez, Certified Public Accountant (C.P.A).
owner and director of the Gil Buchwiez Tax Consulting Company.

Gil has more than 26 years experience in a wide 
variety of financial services, including: accounting,
 tax consulting, CFO services, management consulting,
 auditing and calculating salaries, auditing, management services,
 Certified Payroll Checker for Business and Companies. 

Our office deals with self-employed business owners, companies and NGO (Amutot). 
In addition, our office advises on taxation on properties and more.
We prepare financial statements and represent our clients with the Israeli tax authorities and Bituach-Leumi.

Our office also provides a full range of services and advice
 for new immigrants (Olim Chadashim)
 and returning residents (Toshavim Chozrim)
 and also examine the rights of "toshavut" in Israel,
 and all questions concerning international taxation laws. 

Among our services you can find those subjects:

  • Financial statements ( for companies , self employed and non-profit organizations - N.G.O).
  • Bookkeeping ( double or single entry bookkeeping ) , salaries etc.
  • Tax Consulting .
  • management and CFO  services .
  • Trust entities.
  • Internal Audit .
  • Budget – building and controlling.
  • Cash-flows– building and controlling 

For more details please call  today:

Gil Buchwiez , CPA -ISR  

Tel : + 972-4-6324274 , 04-6291368 gilbuc@gmail.com www.gilb.co.il
Cel : 050-7865018
Fax : 153-4-6291368


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